Getting My Feet Wet (Aka Week 0.5)

Should I take a before picture? I know I need a scale… Ugh, I’m at a loss at how far I should take this. I definitely don’t want to be the type of person who furiously counts every inch and pound I lose/gain because that seems miserable, but I do want to make an account of my progress…

Eh, fuck it. Inches will do just fine. Let the game begin!

Staring out:

Waist (smallest point) – 29 ; Goal – 27

Wasit (bellybutton) – 31.75 ; Goal – 29

Hips – 36 ; Goal – None, I don’t care how big my hips are. In fact, I’d happily gain a badonkadonk

Thighs – 20.5 ; Goal – ???

Calves – 13.5 ; Goal – ???

Biceps – 11.5 ; Goal – ???

Weight (approx.) – 139 ; Goal – 125

I’m basing my size on where I was at my fittest, which was when I was going to the gym 3x week, eating tons of fish and vegetables, and generally pretty damn sexy. I’m not looking for miracles, and definitely not trying to get that ‘bikini body’ or anything… but I’m at least hoping to look as good as I did when I was in college, with no major responsibilities or bills to pay. Ahhh, that was the life… It’s absolutely true that you’re never happy with yourself until the moment is gone.

Now, on to what this blog is about : The Food!! This weekend was… definitely not the best I could have had, food-wise. Basically, it was a whole lot of eating out. Even if you try to pick some healthy options, the fact remains that restaurant foods are much more fatty, greasy, salty, etc. in general than anything you can make at home. BUT, this is a journey – and I think the hardest part is even getting started.

5-20 Fri


Woke up at 5am to deliver something to my workplace (which is a total WTF moment considering it was my day off), so I stopped by a nice little coffee shop on my way home for a treat.

Avocado toast – about an INCH THICK of avocado mash, topped with a heaping of red pepper flakes, sunflower seeds, and a hardboiled egg. The bread, according to the shop, is made in-house. Ate about half of it, and washed it down with a delicious honey latte (coffee is my drug of choice).


Same avocado toast from breakfast. Note to self: apparently there is such a thing as TOO MUCH avocado. Was feeling a bit queasy after I finished it…


Angel hair all’arrabbiatta with mushrooms, green peppers, and shredded parmesan. Light and delicious!

A post-dinner snack consisted of mom’s special eggroll (only one!) and a small glass of Simply Orange orange juice.

5-21 Sat

Aka, the day I flopped.


Giving healthy breakfast options a try, so started with a nice bowl of chia seed pudding! Not bad, taste-wise, but man the texture is something I’m going to have to get used to.


By this point I was shopping with my mother and getting hungry, fast. Since I couldn’t exactly stop by my house for a quick lunch, we ate out at an artisan bistro instead.

Had a fish sandwich on brioche bread, topped with cucumbers, tomato, cabbage slaw, and (EXTRA) bacon-garlic aoli. Yummy! It came with a side of rosemary-parmesan potatoes and ketchup, which I also gobbled down, and I also ordered a chai latte that was the BEST I’ve ever had! OMG, I know it wasn’t the best meal I could have ordered (that would’ve been the kale-quinoa salad that my mother had), but I have no regrets!


Alright, I just want to say that I TRIED. I was at my parents’ house by this point and was getting hungry, so I started out by snacking on some Cajun-flavored kettle corn. Unfortunately, it was super-salty and not that great… Doubly unfortunate, they had just ordered some pizza that was calling my name. Yeah, definitely not a good choice by any means, but at least I only had two pieces? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!

5-22 Sun


Chia seed pudding again, this time blended with some chocolate protein powder. Not bad, kinda gritty, and I found that I actually liked the original form better.

At this point I would also like to say that I attempted to do some exercise (GO ME!). Wanted to see if I could reach the 10k footstep goal on my Fitbit, so I got dressed and took a walk around my neighborhood. Ended up walking two miles! But JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST did I feel like crap afterwards!! I guess I might have over-did it after being out of shape for so long, but I was dragging for the rest of the day. Took TWO naps and my energy still hadn’t returned!

Side note: Ate two eggrolls afterwards as a pick-me-up snack.. 😛


Smashed potatoes with avocado aoli. They were the leftovers after packing my lunch, but man were they filling. I gotta say, I was surprised by how good they were – definitely something that I’ll make again in the future.

Orange juice for desert. 😛

Note: Add another eggroll to that list. Pre-bedtime snack craving is no joke.


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