When You Can Sleep for 5+ Years

I think I forgot to add a title to my last post… and I’m late again. Damn, I’m winning 10/10 here, aren’t I?

I would insert some witty commentary here, but I’m running on half my brain power and still tired. Just came back from a weekend trip to NOLA to watch Wicked, and the drive always killed me. I spent way too much money and ate way too much ‘unhealthy’ food, but it was so much fun! AND I walked ~7 miles, so at least I got some exercise on the way. My Fitbit even gave me a badge, woot!




Chia seed breakfast pudding  with added Greek yogurt. No blueberries this time, because I wanted simplicity. Or something.


Tofu-spinach stuffed shells that had waaaay too much celery seed in it. Next time, I might skip it altogether.

Honey muffins with homemade blueberry jam for dessert!


Scrambled eggs with rice and ketchup. My quintessential lazy meal.



The last of the chia seed breakfast pudding. No, that’s not the right picture, but it turns out I had deleted the original one and the pudding was gone by the time I realized it.

Grocery store spicy tuna sushi with wasabi soy sauce and ginger. Because I felt lazy and hungry.

(Skipped lunch & took a nap instead)

Samyung ramen (½ flavoring packet) with 2 eggs. Another quintessential lazy meal.

Went out to an Indian restaurant : Chicken tikka masala with basmati rice. Gawd, but I love this food!!


At this point I was out of town (New Orleans, bitches!) so my food choices are pretty sketch. But damn, were they good!


Burger King bacon/egg/cheese croissant with hash brown bites (+ketchup) & orange juice. Gotta take what you can get on the road.


Iced coffee with creamer – from the French Market

Lots of praline samples (I am weak)


Evangeline (great restaurant, 10/10 would recommend again!) gator bites with horseradish sauce

Evangeline crawfish etouffee over rice

Iced lemonade

More praline samples


Okay, so on this day I was either driving or recovering from the drive, which is why I have a giant black spot in my pictures. At the very least I still documented my food!


Ruby Slipper (French Quarter still!) cochon benny, which is basically pork debris over biscuits, with poached egg and hollindaise. So yummy and rich!

Raspberry-filled glazed donut (on the road)


(Yup, lunch was skipped for a nap)

Indian leftovers – chicken tikka masala & chana masala with basmati rice


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